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2023 UTILITY POLICIES, RATES AND FEES: Effective February 3, 2023

FEES FOR SERVICE: The Board determines water and sewer fees to the homeowners based on the charges from the City of Boulder for water and sewer to the District and current year operating expenses. The charges from the City of Boulder for water will increase 8% and sewer 5% in 2022.

TIER 1 USAGE1,000 - 8,999 Gallons$3.30 per thousand gallons
TIER 2 USAGE9,000 - 22,999 Gallons$5.51 per thousand gallons
TIER 3 USAGE23,000 - 44,999 Gallons$9.93 per thousand gallons
TIER 4 USAGE45,000 - 59,999 Gallons$14.37 per thousand gallons
TIER 5 USAGE60,000 and over$24.16 per thousand gallons
SEWER FEE $76.51

Note: The increase in usage rates by Tier is designed to encourage conservation.

METERS AND METER READING:  Water meter pits are typically located in the area between the sidewalk and street (called the right-of-way), or 1.5 feet from the sidewalk. The pits are covered by round metal lids marked with a "Water Meter" imprint.

HHWSD collects water meter readings from radio transmitters installed in or near the meter pits. HHWSD vehicles equipped with mobile data collection systems receive the signals while driving past the meter pits. Each transmission takes 1/30 of a second, with a typical operating range of 500 feet, depending on broadcast signal and location.

Obstacles that may block the radio signals include building materials, foliage and metal objects located between the street and the meter pit. Therefore, it is very important that customers maintain clear access to their water meters from the public right-of-way.

As part of the HHWSD code, water customers are responsible for the upkeep of the area between their meter pit and the street. Please assist us by trimming foliage and by clearing snow and ice from the lid of the meter pit. Landscaping or fencing should be kept at least 1-3 feet from the meter pit.

BILLING PROCEDURES: Bills are emailed or mailed on the first week of each month. Payment is due in full by the end of the month. A $35.00 fee is assessed for all Non-Sufficient Funds checks submitted to the District.

1. Any account that is past due for fees, penalties, charges, or costs shall incur a $1.00 per month non-payment penalty and a late charge of 1.5% per month.
2. Property owners shall be responsible for all costs of collecting unpaid fees, penalties, or charges; including fees for discontinuing and reinstating service and attorney's fees.
3. The District may discontinue service to any property for which the account is past due after the Manager has given a Courtesy Notice at 60 days (which will be included with the water & sewer invoice) and Final written notice by U.S. mail to the resident of the property at 90 days. At the time the Final Notice is mailed a $30 late fee shall be charged to the account. Outstanding accounts will be given one Courtesy Notice; with all future Notices being considered Final Notices with the accompanying $30.00 Final Notice fee. Once Notice is given, partial payments will not be accepted.
4. When utility connection is disconnected, there will be a Shut Off fee of $75 and an additional Restoration of Service fee of $100. Service may be reinstated by payment of the shut off fee, restoration fee and any and all past due amounts (Penalties and late charges will still accrue while utility connection is disconnected.)
5. All Water Base Charges and Sewer Fee will accrue while utility is disconnected
6. It is an option of the Board of Directors to certify the delinquent accounts to the County Treasurer for collection along with taxes. Such accounts may then be collected by the County and the proceeds distributed to the District. CRS 32-1-1101(1)(e)

SPECIAL METER READS, TRANSFER FEE & FINAL BILLING: Contact the District Manager and provide the name of the new owner or responsible part and address to send the final bill. Charges will be prorated to the date of effective change.
*The fee for Special Meter readings shall be $100.
*The transfer fee for changing the name of the occupant/responsible party is $25.
*The fee for preparing documents for Title Companies; which includes reading the meter, preparing the final bill and changing ownership shall be $125.
*Please note that the Board may file property liens with Boulder County for unpaid water and sewer charges.


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