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Board of Directors Elections

Hoover Hill has a board of 5 directors.  To run for a board postion a candidate can be nominated or self-nominate.  To be eligible to run for a director position the candiate must meet the following criteria.

 • Must be registered to vote in the State of Colorado at least 29 days before the election date.

• Must have been a resident of the Special or Metro District for not less than 30 days (or)

• Owns (or spouse owns) taxable real or personal property located within the boundaries of the Special District whether they reside in the District or not. (A person who is obligated to pay taxes under a contract to purchase taxable property within the boundaries of the Special or Metro District shall be considered an owner.)

There is currently a vacant board poisiton. We welcome any customer of Hoover Hill Water and Sanitation District to become part of the Board of Directors.

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