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About Us

Hoover Hill Water And Sanitation District

Hoover Hill Water and Sanitation District (HHWSD) is a quasi-municipal governmental entity established in 1968 under Colorado Revised Statute Title 32 with a volunteer board of directors and a paid Manager.   Our charter is to provide safe drinking water and wastewater disposal to the homeowners in the district. HHWSD currently serves 255 homes located in the Hoover Hill subdivision adjacent to Baseline Lake, and bordered by Baseline Road on the south and Arapahoe Road on the north in unincorporated Boulder County.

Hoover Hill Water and Sanitation District is considered a Colorado Special District. Both water and sewer services are purchased from the City of Boulder and passed on to our customers. The district is responsible for customer billing, as well as maintenance of the water lines, lift stations and fire hydrants. This includes repairs for breaks and updating the infrastructure through replacement of metering equipment and aging pipelines The district is also responsible for testing the water to be in compliance with all Colorado drinking water requirements.

Regular monthly board of directors’ meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of each month.  Meeting schedules, agendas and minutes are posted on this website for customer information. Comments and suggestions are welcome.  Customers are welcome to join a meeting by requesting a ZOOM link from the District Manager. 

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