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Line Responsibility

LINE RESPONSIBLITY: All water-main maintenance is the District's responsibility. Sewer main-line is maintained by the City of Boulder. All service lines are the responsibility of the owner. Water service lines extend from the meter to the house. Sewer service lines extend from the sewer main-line to the house.

EASEMENTS: Easements exist for access to the water and sewer lines. These easements are noted on your Improvement Survey. Please note their location and insure their access.

ACCESS: Homeowners are responsible for providing unobstructed 24-hour access to all water meters and sewer manholes for maintenance without prior notice. For sewer maintenance large equipment must be able to reach the manhole. Water lines must be accessible. If any easement is obstructed, special access arrangements must be made with the District by the homeowner. The District is not responsible for restoring improvements on easements. Easements should be kept clear of vegetation and any other materials that could damage sewer lines. Particular attention should be given to trees and their roots. Maintenance of the easement is the sole responsibility of the homeowner.

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